I hate you, I need you, I miss you, I kiss you.Mature


I'm doing this for me.

I'll be okay
Ill be fine
Because I’ll finally go numb
I’ve got a confession
When you asked me that question
Being okay and numb
Always had the same definition
Maybe you understand that
Maybe you think I’m weird
Maybe you don’t get it
But you’re willing to accept it
How does music
comfort my soul
and three small words
shake me to the core.
Patiently smiling on the outside
Screaming rage on the inside
Two different girls, two different people
Don’t try to figure out my mind, don’t try to understand me
I’ll make you go cold
I’ll take your breath away
Here’s the truth hon.
I’m not sure if I’m okay
Am I okay?
Am I fine?
I’m not sure
I don’t know, alright!?
My hands are shaking
Yet my heartbeat is steady
Sometimes I believe in love
Sometimes I don’t believe in anything
I never cry
Try to stay strong
I can keep this up
But for only how long
Still feel ugly
But I’ve been eating lately
Not because I’m okay
Because I’m sick of feeling so empty
Some of this rhymes
Most of it doesn’t
Am I getting to you at all
Am I even making sense?
I remember the face
But I just forgot her name
Everything comes back again
But its not the same
Pointless rambling
Turn it off
Nothing makes sense now
No, or yes? maybe not.
Is there anything to look forward to?
No, so why am I still here?
It’s not because I’m brave or strong
It’s because of fear
I don’t know if you really care
But I don’t want to be another lost friend
Another person you wish was still here
I don’t want to fill your eyes with tears
I’m not ready to suck it up and 'screw my fears'
I’m ready to go another round
Another time or two
And babe I’m doing it for me
I’m hoping and maybe pretending I’m not doing it for you

The End

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