I Hate "I"

"I" (in quotes throughout the poem) is portraying my flesh, my ego.

I hate.
I hate "I".
I hate "I" and everything about my way of living. I hate how "I" strives to do nothing about anything. How "I" dies and how "I" is reborn. How "I" awaits new death, and a new life in turn, so stubborn. "I" is tricky. He's selfish and tricks me into leading a life of self pity. "I" wishes to forget me, while I wish to forget ME. I wish to convince myself that this movie's not about me, it's about someone else, and I'm just the unconditionally loved extra who's five second role is to be bold, and hold the lead protagonist in awe before the camera pans to someone else in our great history. "I" loves to be entertained, but I hate the void that comes packaged with it. So dark and cold on the inside this comedy of irony makes me laugh while I'm caught in spiritual wreckage.

The End

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