Sweet Venomous Good-Bye

your dark twisted words.

They are sweet

They are venom

As they call my name

They write the grave to the end of this

And if we choose to mourn

That would be healthy

But we are people insatiable

Impatient people wanting to bury whats dead

and walk away

As if there were no heart

In no human body

And we hold the deepest grudges

Fire words sure to scar

But the words used to kill

They were never said

Because it was quite evident

It was all dead

If you were willing to let go

If I was willing to hurt you

It doesnt matter when at night you are holding someone new

And it doesnt matter when I prefer anything else but you

And it doesnt matter when my face is something you cant see

And it doesnt matter when I had loved someone after you

While still loving you

But you are the same

We were too alike

So that was our demise

So why did we say sorry

So why did we both walk away

Because neither really could love each other


So this was the end to our suffering

And the beginning to the beginning

Never letting go

But letting go

Times says it all

we werent what we'd wish we would be

Which was meant to be

so detachement was our best friend

And the sweetest whisper

Was a sweet venomous goodbye

The End

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