Only Human

I am faulty because i give you my time.

And i care about how you are.

And care about how ur family is.

I never remember one single thank you.

and only heard disappointments coming from ur mouth.

Forgetting the important dates.

I am faulty because i cant forget all the damage and all the hurt.

All the frustrations and screams.

The times i stuck by u and defended u.

I am faulty because with all the reasons to forget you.u still hurt me.

I only wanted that u cud understand and talk.stick by me like i stuck by u

.i truly suffer thru all the bittersweet moments in my life.

but i am truly a great actor of happyness

.i have become a woman with so many faults.

a careless woman that no longer knows what she knows

.and no longer knows what she wants but to succeed in what has never failed me

.my career.

But i am only human.

And wait while now becoming selfish and watch myself become what i hoped wudnt be.


u can claim to know someone and u can assume to know the real me

.but i assure u.there is no one.

a bit More unforgiving and tactless.

what is what you think of me now? Beside being humanTop of Form 1

The End

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