I Had Loved

This is about an ex boyfriend that I had loved and watched it all fall apart while I moved out

i had loved when you would look at me that way

I had loved when everything silent was what youd say

And when I thought your heart forever I could keep

I had loved when you would stroke my hair to sleep

I had loved the details you didnt fail to notice but I did

I had loved when it meant together, it would be me, you'd put the biggest bid

I had loved when youd whisper in my ear

And when we had been in a crowd, your voice was the only one id hear

I had loved when you would read to me

I had loved believing we were meant to be

And loved when I felt Id be the only one youd be holding

I had loved you before my clothes were the things i had been folding

I had loved to laugh in harmony with you

And loved when I knew you had fallen in love too

I had loved you before I said my last good bye

I had loved you before you cut our last tie

I had loved when spending time was not a hassle

When there was problems i wished for that thrown tassle

And loved when I had brung that secret smile

Didnt know all this would end in one while

I had loved you.

The End

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