I had a dream

I wrote this after having a dream about one of the days I had while I was in New Zealand, after I woke up that day I couldn't stop thinking about my amazing fiance...so wrote this hope y'all like

Love you Robyn x

I had a dream last night and I know most don't care,

but if you want to read on, let my words take you there.


I was in a building, where? You don't need to know,

all of the furniture bathed in a soft blue-ish glow.


I looked out of a window and admired the view,

saw the stars reflecting in the sea, the moon trying to break through.


Then I heard a noise and turned to look back,

her lips were bright red, she was in black.


I smiled as she walked over,

gliding past a t.v and a sofa.


Her eyes reflected the sunset, they shone reddish-blue,

and just at that moment she whispered 'I love you'


We went out somewhere, had a perfect night,

walking under the stars as they glowed perfectly white.


I woke up after with the image still clear,

of seeing you in the sunset, you whispering in my ear.


I had a dream last night, I dreamt I was with you,

and every time I see or hold you, I know my dreams have come true.

The End

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