I Got a BottleMature

I got a bottle of Russian vodka, I’m gonna get wasted tonight 
Don’t fuck with me, I don’t want to fight cause everything’s alright
Got to take it straight, gonna drink it down, till I pass out or drown
Nah, fuck that, I’m probably just gonna drink till I can no longer frown

I’m not an alcoholic, I just like to lose myself every now and again
Gotta get away from my work, gonna drink till I’m all fuzzy and then
Gonna write a good 10 pages in my journal, it’s my bi-weekly purge
Doing this takes away and my anger, sadness and every wrong urge.

Had a few drinks, no burn, no shame now I’m feeling a bit better, 
Shit! I still have to write my friend Heidi a fucking letter! Damn 
Oh well gotta do that later maybe I’ll watch The Shining, 
Who knows? I’m looking at my ceiling and searching for a silver lining

Yup, I’m not quite with it, so fuck it, just leave me alone, let me be
When the morning comes we’ll hit the ground running, you’ll see
But for now it’s all about the booze and the feelings that I hide
My journal’s right there, my innermost thoughts on a page,

Do you dare read and find them out? You decide….

The End

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