i can't go on

I look out at the world

Its too-shiny pink pastels

And pretty, pale skin

And then at myself-

Something odd, unrefined

The rough without the diamond-

And it's hard to breathe.

They say the greatest human desire is to belong

But I'm the sharp note not meant for the song

I've tried

Struggling in quicksand

I've lied

To those in my hand-

But it's easier not to fight the current

To let it rip me limb from limb 

Than to face the overwhelming torrent

Of emotions within.

I will never be enough

I've known it all along

No diamond, simply rough

And I can't go on. 

But then I see the world, 

So full of life

Not an oyster, a pearl

Spinning by my strife

And I watch it swirl

And I see the light. 

The End

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