i give up

next to my sister,

I was pathetic.

color-combinations were

non-existent, and

I felt so fat compared to her.

she was so pretty,

so composed and sure

of who she was.

I was never that girl.

I blended in with

the crowd, made a good impression

on the adults during dinners,

wore clothes that were typical,

safe, and covered my body.

I would survive in society well,

live a mundane life,

but she would do something special,

surprise people.

I can't keep trying.

i'm just never up to snuff.

she's even better at writing,

at the arts. and I just have

no choice but to accept defeat gracefully.

well, no. i'm just a quitter, horrible at

things I strive to do well on.

so I give up.

The End

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