I Give Up

Short poem about love.

Up and down the small foolish heart goes

Rising and falling as the warm blood flows

In and out the strangling thoughts enclose

Where pleasure and sadness one another oppose


To happiness and ecstasy it soars right into

Blissfully flying back to the joy it once knew

But once more into the illusion it goes through

Realizing much too late that passion is untrue


Towards abyss it falls to embrace darkness

Its wings shrivel and it looses its brightness

It searches for the misled touch of love’s caress

But finds only strangers walking about aimless


Why is love such an intricate emotion to provide?

Never constant or true and simply tossed aside

Coming and going like the never ending tide

All it ever wanted was your affection untied


Broken down and defeated, it will never understand

Why love is so delicate and slips away like sand.

It lies down in the mud, waiting for the next hand

That will come by and open itself to help it stand

The End

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