Here I am, ready, able

Come sit with me at this table

We'll sit and talk about your troubles

I'll smile and tell you "That goes double"


But will you believe me if I said I want more

Is that pushing things a bit too far?

I'm ready to accept that love is hard to find

But I'm so tired of watching such things pass me by


I'm tired of being lonely, I thought you did too

You asked me if I was jealous, you said so were you

but now I'm confused and on my own

we havent spoken much since, 'specially not alone


I'm tired of waiting, thinking too hard

even tried to write songs, but hey, I'm no bard

but poet, I am, and now I see

with late night convos, you dont say what you mean


or at least too busy to give it much thought

I'm willing to wait until it gets hot.

meaning off I'll go, saying so long

maybe it'll be like the song


I should have said so long, long ago

the singer says, straight to her beaux

he stands there, frozen, dumbstruck

if you act that way, well, its just your luck


So maybe I'll say so long deary

and you may discover that your life is dreary

but you wont come a knockin at my door

because some other girl will be there knocking at yours.


But you wont notice, as you'll be going after one

who's business with you is over and done

And as a wise, if crazy guy once said:

"If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it"

The End

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