I Fit

Short poem, my first on this

I fit


Always thinking about it

I could never look away

I'd confront him resolutely

I never run from a fray


but when nothing worked to solve

the sadness of his heart

still I tried to help

alone, being torn apart


finally a day, I could talk to him alone

It was an unhappy day

we'd argued in the morning

now its all okay


For finally, a conversation

at lunch today it clicked

a kind of understanding

for you see, I fit


I told him I'd be strong

and he hugged me tight

my head under his chin

I squeezed with all my might


He picked me up and spun me

I'd never felt so good

My arms fit around his shoulders

I wondered if I could


I promised not to be more than a friend

but now I'm not so sure

I'll be there whenever he needs me

maybe thats the cure

cause, you see, I fit



The End

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