I feel loved

How do u see me? See the real me?

You look into my eyes and see all my insecurities,

You reassure me, you make me feel alive,

You make me happy with this life,

You make me feel loved, and i hope you do to!

People search the world for a tiny piece of what we have and what we will be!

Your back to you, im back to me, we are together as should be,

Just you and me for as long as i can be.

People will talk but i dont care,

no-one will make me feel the way you do, and no-one will stop me from loving you!

Just be careful, because my gift from me to you,

Is my heart and soul, dont stamp on it, that would kill me inside.

Its scary to see what we can be, but i promise i wont run, i wont hide i will stay and make it work.

I will always be by your side.

I will always try to bring sunshine and happiness into your life!

The End

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