I feel it


You’re a good person,

I just think you should know…

I may be soft spoken and words may not come to me easily.

But I think you should know…

When you kiss me I feel it.

I actually feel it.

All I feel is you

Like all that you are unfolds like wings around me

And when they retract I feel dizzy.

It’s all too soon

I still want to fly with you.

 Touch is a spark

But for so long I felt like drift wood.

Too dry to hold a spark

Too weary to catch on fire.

I felt as if I just didn’t have it in me to feel such great things.

But I wanted to.

I stole moments where I could and went through the motions.

But I only feel it when you touch me.

I keep the vision of you and me clear

Push all distractions away and only see you and me

My head on your heart and you on mine

I will believe in love

Let it take wing in my heart

Take control of it where I may.

I want to feel it longer stronger

I want my heart to tear apart and become a sunburst expanding on and on

 I feel you

I feel like you could read me like a book

But you would also cradle my spine.

Be tender with my strength as you were with my hurts.

I feel like I want to do so much more

I want to show you with my body

Expand with my words and maybe a smile

Oh I feel you.

How I feel you. I need to know that it’s ok with you

That my feelings don’t seem crazy to you.

Because they often seem maddening to me.

I can’t believe I am even here.

But I am so glad.

The End

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