I Dreamt Of You Once

I dreamt of you once,

how your hair shone in a sombre cloud,

and bold eyes made me stammer,

made me sad for you weren’t real.

I began to worry, when again

your idle figure came before me,

in good weather at midday,

just a first radiant hallucination.

One fine evening in the rain

your form reluctantly presented

truer and more beautiful than before

I reached out to touch you

to find you more honest and corporeal

charming and graceful

than anyone ere I have never met.

Nevertheless, you faded from me

and I confess I wept,

desperately unable to retrieve you,

yet an angel or a delusion as you are,

cannot remain to humble me thus

if I am below and beyond deserving.

That won't stop me from

remembering your bewitching ways,

your lightness and your glow that I,

am found dreaming, and come to love.

The End

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