I Don't Want to Let You Down

A solution to all my problems
is always out of my reach
What’s the deal here?
I am hurting again
I keep letting you down

Make it easy for me
I don’t want to go somewhere I’ll be lost

If I could curl up and block it out
I want you but everyone is against us
No matter how many times I force
the tears the flow,
I can feel them but there is no release

Make it easy for me
Tell me you miss me

There’s a line on the horizon
I want to disappear within it
If you could grab my hand
we can go together
and leave it all behind
and leave it behind

Relaxing in the dewdrop fields
no one will ever get between us
But I can’t see you...
I am obscured by this void
my tarnished eyes can’t see the good

Make it easy for me
come and see me

I can never express what I really want to say
No poem, no song, no lyric of mine could ever
amount to how I feel about you

The End

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