I don't need booze to become intoxicated while there's air in your lungs.Mature

and don't you realize /
what you do to me? /

cause when you tease me /
my heart floats above cloud nine /

cause when you touch me /
your touch is engraved into my skin /

cause when you talk to me /
i feel like a spoiled girl on christmas /

cause when you hug me /
i could live there forever /

cause when you look at me /
a spark lights inside /
that one spark that everyone waits for /
the finale /

because i know /
after every girl /
after every spark /
and fizzle /
with no firework /
i will be /
the one /
to light up /
your pitch black sky /

i'm intoxicated /
and it's all your fault /
but that's ok /
i don't mind.

The End

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