i don't know what to tell you.

you are wont to wander and i am no such thing

sharp, you are not soft-edged the way you are when you cry
you blur my borders and press your hands to my wounds
i can't tell if you're trying to stem the bleeding or eliciting more pain

and when i touch you 
my hands just go right through 
transparent but somehow insubstantial 
like you're a broken glass bottle 
glittering like false diamonds

your arms are a bracing circlet 
steel and down 
light but strong around my shoulders and across my back 
i know the way our bodies meet better than i know myself

because your hugs are safety 
and i am never safe these days 
something's gotta give 

but i'm willing to wait until we reach the breaking point 
always have been 
and maybe that's my problem 

but you are starlit roads and airports so early in the morning they aren't even real 
and i don't know how to put you into words
because you slip my grasp and twist from descriptions

nothing matches you,
vibrant and alive
but someone like me can't keep someone like you for long

your wanderings call eventually 
and you will answer
and i will not. 

the day you leave me was never in doubt - 
always a when, never an if. 

The End

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