i Don't Know What I'm DoingMature

i have no fucking clue what the hell i'm doing.

just putting that out there,

in plain view,

at every eye level for every height,

i have no idea what i'm doing with my life.

colleges are hunting me down,

wanting to devour my brains so their statistics are profoundly,

incredibly better than any of yours.

but can one person: 

one soulless, helpless, more or less thoughtless

(unless its thinking up this ridiculous writing that i pretend is poetry)

child who refuses to grow up,

can change their futures so much?

if i can tip the scales with every decision that i make,

i don't think i want to continue life after today.

because it scares me,

that i'll fuck it all up,

because i have no fucking clue what im going to do,

with my life,

or even tomorrow for fuck's sake.

and no one seems to think this isn't a good plan,

this placing of my own life in my own hands.

no one gives me tips, luck, or hints.

what the hell am i going to do with all of this?

The End

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