I don't know how I fell in love

I don't know when or how
Or even why it happened
Maybe it was the day in the wood
My fear of heights kept me
From traveling like you
Yet your encouragement
Helped me on the way
Maybe it was the day we travelled to town
Your concentration on your face
As your mouth formed the words you used
Each day
Complaining and joking
About the same old same old
Yet somehow that day was different
Maybe it was the sunset
How the light glistened in your eyes
How your smile looked so warm and inviting
But maybe it was the day we had a fight
Walmart, or all places
I got mad, as usual
And left the car
Yet even though I knew
I was wrong in the first place
You came to the rescue anyways
And apologized
Although maybe it was the day
You sang that song
The first time I really head you sing
A country song
Your voice made my heart melt
Made everything right in the world
And ll my troubles
We're whisked away
By your lullaby
Maybe it's the way your fingers
Glide over my arm
When I threaten to leave
Or how aggressive you get
When you want something from me
Maybe it's the way you
Joke with me and we play
Like little school kids
It could be all
Or one of this
But all I do know
Is through all the hardships
Of our friendship
I love you dearly
And deeply
I do know I'll never tell you
I'll never say how it makes me smile
When you text me
How I feel so happy when you sing
How I get excited when we make plans
How I wonder if you ever think about me
How sad I get when I notice I'll never be
Like the girl you like
How upset I get when I realize
Your hanging out with the other girl again
How I can't really be mad a you
No matter what you do
How I will always give you what you want
Or try my best
How hard it is to think about us
And realizing there will never be an 'us'
I'll never tell you
How much I really love you

The End

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