I Don't Care AnymoreMature

Dreams are shattered from collision with reality,

I guess life wasn't meant to be fair,

Or that's what everyone says,

Scars deepen, I don't care,

The veins run out, run dry,

I don't care,

And adults pretend like they know it all,

And I pretend like the scars weren't deliberate,

Friends stab me in the back,

Life blurs like a passing landscape-reflection,

Veiled by mist on a window,

We die, we rot, nothing else happens,

Heaven is a utopian society's myth,

Hell is something we've lived every day,

Purgatory devours weak-willed individuals,

In its black-blue ice-flames,

Drive on, stare vaccantly into nothingness,

Or off of the edge of a cliff,

'Cause the simple, idiot-logic truth is,

I don't give a damn anymore,

So hit me, scar me, say I'm going to hell,

You'll be starved of a reaction, in my medicated numbness,

Your comments don't even register as thoughts,

At the end of the day, I'm the one slitting my wrists,

You won't take the credit for killing me,

So lie for me, lie to me, die for me,

I don't give the slightest damn anymore,

My pain is ending,

Hacked apart by the sweet seduction of death,

Until I bleed a bead of blood for every tear,

Suicide, ravage me like a beautiful disease,

Take me if you want,

I don't care anymore...


The End

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