I disapear

Smoke sucks out of the room like evacuating Clouds, forced back towards the door, legs turn and walk back the steps made towards this room.

Light cramps in the edges and eyes unsee the four walls and leave.

Disapear in the frames and surrounding voices murmour from the rooms downn stairs, light twitches and crackles and i remove the journals you kept to remeber me by.

I take breath back from the landing that once stood on together at some point in days gone and i collect the contents of the kitchen and the hallway cabinet.

Once out the door, the tulips fade into the blinding light and the snails unfold and crawl back under the stones and gravel.

Trips from the boot of the car unhappen and no more talking rises from the rooms and i step back away from the house we once existed there together, and i disapear.

The End

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