Muscle Xlerator

I did start working out so I started working out and I started

Didn't know whether he was going to have a white in a mother first kids around very much longer it was just a really hard time am so this is kind of my journey up former couch potato taking back my health one day at a time and is hardest these pictures are to share with you because they really are the pictures that I always hid and never would have ever wanted anyone to see I want to show you how far it can in what my goals are and how my goals are really to be the best person in my cell so in January up 2013 I minute decision at the time that my clothes fit I thought of law I he had no energy I was pretty much a couch potato and spend every day and yoga pants that were excised XXL too tight and baggy t-shirts I'll and all I wanted to do was really sit on the couch with my laptop and just so now you I was just really tired and just didn’t really know where to start so what day it pretty much just like the picture I decided one day they didn't want to feel like that anymore so any decision that from there on out every meal and every workout was going to count and at the time I definitely was networking out but.

I did start working out so I started working out and I started I'm just a little bit at a time I would do have my all and then I you know I work up to 2 miles walking and then I started doing a little bit Aim weight training and just really tried my best to get healthy as much as I could and it was slow is a very slow process up but it's been a really fun process because I've made it fun and I've made it a very healthy process and I tried it just can talk about my journey along the way which is kind of funny because in the beginning good for the mind body she back to me please share your story share pictures along the way you know share sure what's going on n you know the changes you're making and I couldn't do it I would cry and say I do what people see how  Muscle Xlerator I am and I want them to think I'm healthy and you know I II blog and I don't want people to see what I look like it was just a hard time for me so to be able to share this journey with you is just a very special for me and every day I just I am enemies to just different little changes and how quickly the QE really can add up and this actually is a picture me couple days.

The End

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