I decide

A peom of standing up to bullies. If you can get the message.

I am in a room.

A very dark room.

                                                Cold, Stiff, Un-inviting,

                                                Savage, Abuse, Hate,

and most of all, the embrace of death for many.

            There is no furniture, no light, no comfort.

                                                            No anything.

                        Just the 4 walls that surrounds, the ceiling,

the floor, and the darkness,

                                    Choking me.


                 I am… no… we.

            We are the afflicted, the bruised, the tortured.

            We are the ones that are bullied.

            By people who we thought were our friends, our

family, people that we gave our trust to.

                                                Only for them to use that trust against us.


            I see the other people like me, pained.

            I hear the whimpers and wails of agony through

the paper thin walls, all around.

            I smell the metallic blood and decomposing

bodies of the ones who ended their lives.

                        The smell all around clogs the air heavily,

                                                I can almost taste it.


Right then and there in this room, I decide.

            I decide, I will not let the darkness, the pain, or the bullies wash over me and deceive my body and mind in to its trickery and poison,      I won’t.

              I decide, I plan. The next time the bullies confront me,

            I will stand up, for myself, for others who are bullied,

For everyone who deserves it.

            I decide….


            I am in a room.

It’s still a very dark room.

            But it’s different,

                        It doesn’t choke me as before. I feel light, comfort and… warmth.

There’s furniture now and soft glowing lights that surrounds me.

                                    The smells, the sights and the sounds have lessened.

            I stood up to those bullies. They don’t bother me anymore. Relief.

 All because I decided.             That I will stand up to those that hurt us.

          I have the freedom to leave this room that will no longer haunt me. Whole and safe.

                        Why?                  Because....

                                                                                    I decide.

The End

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