Out of Reach

I’ve been hiding

Underneath the fourth

degree of silence

Deep within a beam of


among the forgotten taste of

a starless lit night

Clawing at the walls of this 

Jewelry box prison

Sipping stolen poisons no 

tongue will be missin’

Singing songs to sad to


this hour as your

major break 

your final attempt to breathe


stretching the last signal 

to thin

a murmur for help 

drown by Sunday morning


Let me tell you a tale of living

it is as tall as it I am wide

Full of delayed post

cards and missed placed

passions. Wet kissed dreams

Always slightly out of reach

teasing tips

Pulling rusty muscles liked 

over chewed taffy over

porous bone.

I’ve been hiding 

under sheets of black

leagues behind

the graveof the last

lazy syllable 

of my echoing heart


The End

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