I, Cyborg

COMM cries for attention, chattering, buzzing, chirping, interrupting. Carry in pocket, attach directly to ear, or scoop out brains and place inside. To go without is social suicide.

AUDIO insert straight into ears, channel signals from black box to vibrate skull. Invisible inner orchestra. Self-induced schizophrenia producing single-user screams and sings while strangers hear only whispers.

ENCRYPTION chain clip to hip or prolapsed pocket protection. Metallic passwords grant access to hovel or auto. Plug in and rotate until the click of approval. One bent tooth can make the difference between in and out, here and there, open and shut, enter or access denied.

ROM stores future, present, past: long-term memory-enhancing pulp-form brain augmentation. Permanent until burned. Search archives marked by torn corners. Careful when handling edges. Sometimes the skin reacts.

FOLDER encased in tri-fold leather. Identity quantified as magnetic machine messages. Buy, sell, identify, lie, enter, exit, trade abstractions at discount prices for legacy flesh fuel. Be rewarded at irregular intervals for spending. Scan my worth, return a value.

The End

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