I Cry For Rome

I cry for Rome.
To hear the street artists’ song
Echoing along the way
As we sit on the grassy knoll.
I cry for Rome.
To mingle amongst history
As my heart soaks up
Everything words fail to tell.
I cry for Rome.
To gaze upon the beauty
Nestled through the streets
Millions before me have taken in.
I cry for Rome.
To finally have a sense of belonging
Knowing souls like mine
Have passed through just as I am.
I cry for Rome.
The place my heart longs to be.
Where when words fail,
Strangers hand you roses.

Maybe one day I’ll return,
Toes on the same soul as the souls before me
Heart full and soul free.
Eternal release from the suffering.

While I wait, I’ll visit in my dreams.

The End

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