"I Cherish You"

for my mother, and to all mothers

"I Cherish You"

I love you D. Reiss. 
for all that you have taught me for all the times that you have picked me up and set me back on my feet when I tripped, stumbled, or been knocked down. I cherish you for being a mother and a father, for being the role model and the discipliner, my biggest fan when I lost and my toughest critic when I won. But as I write this for you today I am terrified, my hands sweat because I know you don't get anywhere near the amount of thanks and praise that you so desperatly deserve so I can only hope and pray that this is as close satisfactory as one can get in one lifetime. Although my deepest fear is not that I am inadequate but rather I am powerful beyone any form of measurement, my hand trembles and my adrenalin races at the thought of you bearing witness to the light that makes you shine with joy and affection fade away into darkness before I shall bear in witness to yours. For if there is one true sin between a mother and her child that would be it, the adult who bore her child in the womb for nine months and who now has to watch her only son being laid to rest that is the true sin.

I want you to know beyond a shadow of doubt that I love you through good and bad, thick and thin, and that I thank-you. I write this poem in vain for you not for marks, not for boredom, but solely for you and the simple fact that I have a debt to you that can never be paid and that is the genuine and honest gratitude that I can only bag and plead that I can be half of the dad, the parent that you are have been for me and know that you are my Veteran, my soldier because like them I honour you three sixty-five! So let all the praise and glory go not to the Lord, but to you my God, my Almighty one, my mother D. Reiss I love you!  

The End

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