I, Chanter.

Just hit the floor. 

Ripe and fresh, cut out my lungs

These moments, falling out of the sky


Animosity will slip into every joint

Wasted, but I love you.


Wasted, but I love you.


Drill this into my chest 


Leave me on the floor, shrieking.

Coughing my insides up

Finding out what I'm made of?

Give it up

I'll take every kick.

Every slap.

Every punch.

There will never be a day I can look at you without silently dying


I am the coldest 

I am of stone

My life will pass, 


Cut short.

The hole to my Heart has been opened.

Ripped open and now I guess there's nothing to see.

Would you smile if I told you I'd written for you?

'Cause it makes me laugh, darling. 

It goes red, then nothing.


Nothing at all

But that's irelavant. 

I'll check later. 

There's easier things to carry

Easier ways to cry

Bone dry

Wearily, I'll slit your eyelids open.

I'll peel them backwards, to watch every second that you made me dance

This is the evening you'll watch every moment you made me burn

You'll watch her die

Throw herself under a train.

Running through my head. Again and again.

You'll see her tell me to burn

You'll watch it all.

Tonight I'm running it again, like a film

Like an old film reel

I'm going to watch it all

And I'll cry with laughter.

I can't stand this anymore 


So I'll move away. 

No don't expect sorry


I want you to sob. 

I want to watch


I'll look at your grave one day

And I'll hate myself for laughing.

The End

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