I Can't Let Go


Letting go is never easy

Farewells are hard to endure

Turning away can hurt the heart

And taint what once was pure


Forever isn't always forever

People will come and go

The heart is a revolving door

Subject to ebb and flow


To some love is a game

Rules are made to break

Tears flow far too often

When reality turns fake


Apologies never cut it

Sorries won't ever do

You still want affection

Even though we're through


Your eyes pleaded guilty

Confessing mortal sin

A grievance made heavy

Wearing patience thin


My mind wanted one thing

My heart something more

Birds cannot be caged

They were made to soar


We live as different people

Two souls we are asunder

I am like the gentle rain

You are the rolling thunder


Time is a cruel mistress

Life is quick to pass by

My world soon broke apart

Shattered by a single lie


My desires were ignored

My future was made blue

You hurt me in ways undefined


...So why do I still love you?


The End

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