I Can't Leave the Darkness Alone

About trying and trying to escape the darkness thats within all of us

Through eagle’s eyes/

I’m soaring above it all/

All the bloodshed and lies/

But a darker force pulls me back


And I scream as my body shatters/

Millions of pieces scattered/

The same with everything/

That’s ever mattered


Warm determined fires in my heart/

Become cold and frozen in a click/

And all of it makes me sick/

To watch everything I love depart


Unstable, my mind is a castle/

That’s built and collapsing on the sand/

And when you’ve played your hand/

All you can do is apologise


Wrong words/whispered in darkness/

Turn my pure soul black/

And now I feel I can’t leave the dark alone/

As if I’m out of control/

As if I can’t turn back


Words not even evil/spoken with joy/

Drown my soul with the black/

And now I feel the darkness rise inside/

As if I’ve finally lost it all/

Stalking my prey and ready to attack

The End

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