Thank You To Those

Many thanks to those,

who in times of despair

and self-pity,

who come and who

will raise a broken girl up off

the ground,

be it best friends

who try to teach me their


and perch a fedora

atop my head,

proclaiming to the world,

'cheer up, my dear!'

or sisters who give me

talks that start out seriously,

and then devolve into,

'i know some people are

butthats (?) but you just gotta deal with it',

or even writers who post a new

page that says the wisest things.

and i don't even know how i ended

up on this site, but

i'm thankful, because i

can feel free, and learn here.

[meanwhile, through all of

this, my cat continues to give

me the i-am-not-impressed face.

thank you for your insight, Bruce.]

The End

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