i can't do this anymore.

i'll never be good enough.

i tell myself,

be brave.

be courageous,

stand out in a crowd.

don't be afraid to wear

knee-high striped

socks, wear batman tee-shirts

and skirts.

be original.

stop feeling so insecure.

stop doubting,


being scared.

and the truth?

i'm terrified.


i'm a coward,

and we're walking down the street

when my sister sighs


and I ask whats wrong

and she tells me about the looks she gets,

even when all that's


'wrong' with her outfit is that It

doesn't cover her midriff.

and people stare, they whisper,


and me, oblivious me,

doesn't notice.


i'm stupid, i'm fat,

i'm slow, i'm cowardly,

i'm ugly, i'm annoying,

i'm selfish, i'm spoiled,

i'm whiny, i'm a horrible writer.



The End

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