i can't be the blue typhoon you want me to be and you can't slow down enough to see my face

and i guess the thing is
that we are forever chasing after one another

for the sky is too bright
for stars like us

and you're always pushing too hard
and i'm never pushing hard enough

so i don't know how to do this, 
falling in and out of orbit so drastically, 
trying to fit two outdated puzzle pieces together
though the edges don't meet properly
and we're whacked out of shape

you say you've met a girl who reminds you of me, 
she's a year younger than you and is reminiscent of who i was

i resist the urge to ask if you think she'll turn out as messed up as i am, 
if she'll meet the same fate and twist out of structure like i did

i wonder if she's falling apart the same way
but you just think it's the usual milkrun

so i'm sorry, 
Redhead Hurricane, 
that we're trying at different speeds
and missing each other as we pass on by 
but i can't live like this forever
and i'm getting more and more scared that you can't, either. 

The End

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