I Can't


I can’t understand the words that escape your lips.

I can’t focus on them because they make no sense.


I can’t understand some of the things you’ve said to me.

And I can’t believe you called me your baby.


And I can’t cry enough tears for those three little words.

I can’t stop thinking about those horrid cords.


I can’t understand why you would ever want to hurt me.

But I can’t ban you from your actions-to-be.


I can’t encourage you enough to stop.

And I can’t even consult a cop.


Because you say it’s the right thing to do.

But I can’t believe those murderous words are “right”. Right to who?


And I can’t let you do it though you will.

But I can’t be unaware of how much it hurts still.


I can’t listen to you say “I’ll kill myself” one more time.

And I can’t say “Don’t” enough for you to stop and stay mine.

The End

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