I Can See

You'll pay the price for hurting me
You'll pay the price, you'll see
Sometimes I feel like screaming
And down the tears keep streaming
You're eyes keep flicking, to and fro
Disgusted, that's my cue to go
Laughing loudly, staring at me
You don't realise, I can see
Oh I know the games you play
'What? no games!' though you say
I swear you will drive me insane
Please stop coming up this lane
You don't know how to behave
A lot of pain, to me you gave
But by the rules you don't abide
Staying awake, because I cried
I want you to see sense, I want you to hurt
I'm kicking the pretence, into the dirt
Just look at your boyfriend, don't dare harass me
Because, you know, I really, can see

The End

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