I Can Play Hard Ball

Do you ever get the feeling something important is missing?

Something deeply crucial to living, like missing a foot or a hand

A notion of incomplete being, the sensation of meaningless kissing

Times in life when the water is endless I just want to find land.


And then the kick in the teeth, the wind taken from beneath you,

Evokes callous, calculated humiliation, the sort of pain you treat with vengeance,

I wish living was easier, simpler, not this modern way of going through,

Life, twists and turns in unexpected places, this twist will be your penance.


I can play hard ball. Do you ever feel weak and helpless?

I don’t, this cut spurned me on, horses galloping in my mind,

The emptiness I felt with happiness, has been filled with nastiness,

I’m not condoning my behaviour, but let’s just see what I find. 

The End

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