I Can Not Tell

I'm depressed so I cry,

and feel nothing all day and night.

In public I smile,

and hold my head up high.

Apparently I'm proud,

too proud to have the right.

The right to say no,

when it becomes that late at night.

So I will tune out,

and play dead to the world.

It won't be too long,

before the farce becomes real.

Nights are sleepless,

day is non-existent.

The fear has control,

of my body, heart and soul.

They left me alone,

alone to think.

Look what happened,

I've gone over the brink.

Now I sit here,

scratching, scrubbing and rubbing.

Thinking to my self,

why bad times never seem to fade.

The dirt on his hands,

were filled with an unforgivable sin.

These hands he used,

and not a sound was ever herard.

Was the silence of hatred,

or some corrupt sense of love?

I can not tell,

please help me god above!

The End

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