I Can Hear You

I wrote this as if I was back in school and would be reading it to everyone I went to school with

A hallway full of dirty looks, laughs and stares

 All for me its mine to bare

 I’m the fat kid and for that I am hated

Sitting in class all I can hear is mean statements stated

 Why do they so this?

 I’ve never bothered them

 With my eyes looking down I just pretend I don’t hear them

 But their words and actions stay with me

 Imbedded in my mind

 I will always have these memories

 The scares will forever be there

 but most of you I doubt will care

 I just go on like I’m okay because it just seems easier that way

 but I hear what you say and I see your fingers point my way

 All I can really do is try to make it through the day

The End

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