I came first

This is a poem that I read to my friend last week to share my feelings about our relationship. It left many in tears. I hope you enjoy :')

I came first,
There for you for most of the hurt,
Used to tell me your secrets before you would burst,
And crack,
And fall onto the back,
That once had me.
It's funny to think that once upon a time you had my back,
Because I was black,
And I was your ni**a.
I used to pounce high like tigger,
Not because black people can jump,
But because I thought that I would get caught when I fell.
Oh well,
You're under some spell telling you that I've got to go.
And I just want you to know,
I did love you like a sister.
Sure at times you would pester,
And fester,
Just like a blister,
But that's how sisters are.
Who'd think that I'd ever say that if I had a car,
I'd drive as far as I could away from you?
You used to be the honey to my English tea,
You were like the 13th amendment that freed me,
You were like the life to my sea,
The water to my tree,
The You in "you and me",
But things change,
People do too.
The sky will forever be blue,
And magic will forever be 'new',
And piglet will forever love Pooh,
And people will forever choose,
The things in life they will gain or lose.
And you've lost me.
Have you chosen wrong,
Do you actually feel that I belong?
Remember that Adele song,
"Someone Like You"?
Well, let me just begin the end by saying when I see you,
That song will play again and again.
At one point I thought I'd cry for endless hours without you,
That I would go get high,
Maybe even die without you.
How stupid was I to believe that would be the case?
And now when you look at me,
You'll probably want to erase,
The broken smile on my face, but you put it there.
You probably don't care.
And you've thrown those sticks and those stones into our fire,
And the flames burn brighter,
Climb higher,
And now we're both burned.
I wonder how things would've turned out,
If we had learned,
Not to be so selfish,
And how to show concern.
I guess it's too late now.
And I hope you're happy.
'Cause now you're just somebody that I used to know!

The End

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