I burnt your drapes

A confession


I burnt your drapes and let the corners singe

I wanted a true baptism of fire.

Take all my misgivings and light them up.

I don`t want to want nothing from you


I blew the tiny flame out.

But whats done is done.

I want to be sorry.

I want to mean what I say

You know I set that fire for a reason

I wanted you know I`m hurting

Despite what I say otherwise.


I left the matches.

You can throw them out or throw them in my face.

Proof of yet another failing.

I got nothing to say.

I am what I am.

I got my reasons.


It took awhile to find that spark.

I could have walked away

Leave with only the lingering smell of smoke.

But I wanted you to know…

Know my confliction

Feeling it all and not wanting to feel a damn thing.

God, I love you

The End

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