What I AmMature

"you would be prettier if you

wore make up


Lost weight"

"you would be better if you didnt

dye your hair

cover up

pretend to be shy"

"Boys would like you if

you acted like a girl

painted your nails

didnt sail kayak shoot."

"boys would talk to you if

you flirted

said yes to them

acted normal."

You think

You are smart

telling me what to do

what to wear

how to act

But I am not a doll

nor an object on your arm.

I am a human

just like you

just like everyone.

What would you do if I said

you should cut your hair

have a six pack

act more like a boy?

What would you say if I told you to

Change who you are

to make you seem

more of what I wanted?

Yes, I like to bake.

But that joke you just made?

The kitchen is not my place.

No, I like to shoot.

But that comment you just made?

it does not make me less of a girl.

The conversation, of whispers behind me back?

I could hear it.

She's to weird to be pretty.”

I dare you to get her number”

eww no thanks.”

The quite laughter you try to hide.

I was a girl

And those comments ruined me

I was a girl

that thought there was something wrong with her

I was a girl

that thought I was ugly wrong bad.

I was a girl

You insulted then forgot

I am a woman

And I will take a stand

I am a woman

Who doesn't need your thoughts.

Because we are all woman

and we are perfect as we are.

We are all woman

And we have emotions just like you.

The End

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