Like A ManMature

"You know, dear,

you should hear,

it's not to be rude

but you're kind of a prude

and you should change, if you can-

because, frankly-

you're too much like a man."

The world makes me feel awfully strange-

With its insistence on my constant change

I delve into poems and books

And only get myself strange looks-

No makeup, not faked up

Not throwing up in a cup

I wear the clothes I want

And earn myself a thousand taunts...

Swipe it on, swipe it off

Lipstick, lipgloss

That scar's an abomination-

Cover it up with some foundation! 

Oh my god, look at that hair...

Straighten that, curl there.

Those eyebrows could use a pluck

Pout and strut like you don't give a fuck.

Get tighter pants, pull down that neckline

Those sneakers are like an ugly neon sign!

Aren't you a girl? Stop dressing that way!

Oh wait, you must be gay!

I didn't know that was the way you ran...

That must be why you're so much like a man.

For the first time and the last

I'm far from good and I'm far from chaste

I may like comics, combat and cars

But believe it or not I'm not from Mars

I am a woman, hear me roar-

I'm sick and tired, and won't take any more

Of these preconceived ideas.

I'm not nearly done, just you wait

Since when does personality determine who's straight?

I will be who I want to be

And that just so happens to be me.

If there's one thing I can't stand-

It's when someone says I'm like a man. 

The End

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