"Not girly enough."Mature

"You can't be Trans
You're not girly enough."

That's the reaction I get,
Whenever I tell people I'm Trans.

I was born as a boy.
I didn't like pink.
I didn't like girl's toys.
I like video games and books.
So how could I be a girl?

But I'd be awake in bed,
Wishing I'd been born differently,
Feeling like I lacked a limb.
Like I'd been denied part of my body.

The happiest day of my childhood,
It wasn't a birthday,
It wasn't with friends,
It was a mention on the news.
This woman I'd never remembered the name,
She had been born just like me.

I knew I wasn't the only one.
That it was possible to change.

But I never spoke about it.
I was too afraid to.
An absent father.
An alcoholic mother.
Nobody to confide in.
I stayed silent, bottling it all.

I moved away, to safety
So I started changing;
Slowly detangling my issues.
But the more I did so,
The greater dysphoria was.

Now I'm twenty-one.
I can't ignore it anymore.
I broke the silence.
I told everyone.

I had to choose;
Happiness or Security.
Be myself or be accepted.
I hope I made the right call...

The End

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