Human: The WitnessMature

I am a witness

to a girl who loves but is not loved back,

a man who loves but is ridiculed for such emotion,

a person whose gender is questionable and is shamed for it.

I am a witness

to a child who had so much to live for,

only to have his life end too soon

by the wrong place, wrong time scenario.

I am a witness

to people who sleep on concrete under the highways

as the ones who say they are helping

spend all their resources into a genocide.

I am a witness

to a system that claims they lack corruption,

born for the free, yet turn green cotton

into an idol for the world to follow and yearn for.

I am a witness

to death of a thousand people a day,

and sadly that is an estimate

rounded down by at least triple.

I am a witness

to witnesses that stand by

as we lose privacy

in order to keep us safe.

I am a witness

to billionaires who hoard their wealth,

as the rest of the world fights itself

to hoard green cotton idols as well.

I am a witness

to destruction of the sustenance of humanity,

as so-called geniuses claim that

they are trying to evolve us.

I refuse to witness

all these pains any longer,

sit here and relish in anger

as all these instances continue to occur.

No longer should we have to witness

patriotism become synonymous with war,

cotton slices rule over humanity,

and darkness consume the light.

I am a witness,

but no longer will I wear that title.

The End

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