i've had enoughMature

i am tired

of people who look at me and whisper,

'that's the girl who has the lesbian mother'

like it's something to be afraid of, or mocked.

but of course, they don't use the word 'lesbian'.

i am tired

because my mother is happy now,

and people still give her dirty looks,

even though she was drowning with my father.

i am tired

because she had the courage to stop the yelling,

the verbal abuse, and file for a divorce,

yet she still has to deal with criticism of her sexuality.

i am tired

because my sister got beat up

-by her own classmates-

and the principal wouldn't do anything,

saying that she had interfered with what was not her business,

when she had stopped them from punching the ever living sh** out of her best friend.

i am tired

because i know more about First Nations peoples

than my English teacher, and yet he argued and told

me not to be a know-it-all, and gave me a month's detention

when i tried to say that  we are equal.

i am tired

because my aunt has gone

through more doctors than she can count,

simply because she's transgender,

and they will refuse to treat her.

but i am FURIOUS

that some human beings are not treated

like human beings, and that one day,

that might be me,

or you, or anyone else that does not fit the

rules of 'perfection'.

because perfection does not exist.

The End

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