I Am Woman, Hear Me RantMature

Basically I was pissed off after talking feminism with my family. Enjoy. Warning: triggers for sexual assault and rape. Please feel free to talk about how society has treated you unfairly by adding on.

My parents did not raise me

To secretly harbor

The anger of one thousand men

In my single heart

But it's there

Because I am angry


I am angry

Because statistics say

That because my closest group of friends

Consists of eight women

At least two of us

Will be sexually assaulted

By the time we graduate from college

I am angry

Because when I wear high heels

I'm trying too hard

But when I wear sweatpants

I'm not trying hard enough

I am angry

Because someone has to watch my drink

When I go to take a piss

And even when I'm at the table

I have to watch my glass

Like a hawk

When I'm not actually drinking out of it

I am angry

Because society teaches women

To walk faster at night

Or to not be on the streets at all after dark

When it should be teaching men

Not to rape

And to respect women

I am angry

Because if I smile

And wear clothes

That show off a body that I am proud of

I am asking to get raped

I am angry

Because when I work out, I'm anorexic

And when I don't, I'm fat

I am angry

Because I'm expected to control my sexual urges

But men are taught that those same urges are manly

And to be proud of them

I am angry

Because if I say no, I'm a prude

But if I say yes, I'm a slut

I am angry

Because if a man grabs my tits

And I don't want him to

They say it's my fault

For wearing something so low cut

I am angry

Because when I wore a bikini at the beach

A boy pointed at my body

And made tit grabbing motions to his friends

And I was uncomfortable

I was told

Get over it

Just be a lady

Why don't you cover yourself up? They wouldn't be staring if you weren't wearing that

I am angry

Because upon telling my father

That some guy on the street

Honked at me

And said, Nice ass baby!

His response was

You should have just ignored him

While I know

Had he been there

My father would have beaten that man into next week

But I wasn't allowed to

Because fighting isn't ladylike

I am angry

Because when my boyfriend and I make out

And I don't want to go further

He'll keep pushing me

Come on, I'm so turned on

I know you want it

You're such a tease

Don't you love me?

Until finally

I just give in

So he'll shut the hell up

I am angry

Because I'm expected to not have sex

Until my wedding night

But my brother

Is allowed to fuck anything that moves

I am angry

Because my mother tells me

Guys don't want to date me

Because I swear

Because I tell someone I'll kick their ass

If they're pissing me off

Because I have no problem

Saying that beautiful girl is beautiful

But guys do all of this

And girls still date them

So why not me?

Because I'm a girl

I am angry

Because I am more likely to use my self defense techniques I learned

Than a boy in the same class

I am angry

Because when a boy asks me out

And I say no

I'm a bitch

But if I ask a boy out

And he says no

I'm desperate

I am angry

Because a 34 year old man

Was acquitted of rape

Because the 14 year old girl he raped

Had an orgasm

I am angry

Because the media will talk about

A boy's once promising football career

That was destroyed

By a guilty verdict

But will turn a blind eye

To the girl he raped

Who will never have a child of her own

Because she was deflowered

In such a horrifying, violent way

And her trust in men

Has been destroyed

I am angry

Because when I say the dreaded words

"I am a feminist"

I get dirty looks

But it's okay

You just don't know

That feminism is not the belief

That women are superior to men

It's the belief

That men and women are equal

You say you're not a feminist

And that's okay

But that might change

The day that it's your sister

Your mother

Your daughter

Your wife

Gets raped

And when you read this poem again

You will realize

How easily

It could be them


The End

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