I am walking on

A story on a boy trying to get his ex back but she speaks out and says NO! I found someone new thats treats me better.. you didn't appreciate what you had.

Are you mute to all I have to say?

Never knowing if things will be okay.

Finally! After so long im done and out

No more time to sit and pout

I found someone if your trying to come back

Go then all dressed in black

Because its all buried now!

He's here, my new love newly found

He makes me feel as if I wear  a crown

I did love you I must confess

But I refuse to go back with all this progress

He is hear kissing my cheek and holding my hand

He is everything else but bland

And he loves me, like you never did

And you notices me like you never have

Good luck to you missing out and what you could've had

The End

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