I Am the Night

This is the fisrt poem I wrote that made sense and I liked...it's pretty sad but all of my poems are like that because my inspiration comes from pain.

The moon is red
Like the blood pouring from my veins
And splattering on the floor
Leaving dots and lines along the way

The night is dark
Like my heart beating and beating
To keep me alive and giving up
Leaving me to die
Alone in the night

The sky is clear with no twinkling stars
Like my soul...empty
So sad with no dreams hopes or love
Leaving my body a shell
To float away in the wind

The night looks so...normal and calm
Like me but the night has dark secrets
Like me we know the day will come
Like my smile to tell us "it's fine"
But night returns as i whisper "everything's wrong"
And i cry as the life leaves my body

The End

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