I Am The Mermaid

What happens when a creature of the sea meets a human being for the first time and is not allowed to cross the lines and meet him in person? will she give up her family for love???

I Am The Mermaid

I turned fifteen

And now it was permitted

I swam to the surface

Looking for something different

Where are all the human beings?  I whispered

Sisters, I'm a little bit scared

Then I saw him, his dark hair his beautiful smile

Suddenly the storm took his ship, couldn’t see him for a while

I looked and looked and found him under the freezing water

Put the handsome on the beach, and left him there

A young woman came and said she saved the precious of all

Nobody knows that it was me who saved his soul

I was desperate and went to the sea witch

Longing for eternal life to spend on the beach

The witch gave me legs but took my voice

I felt like I have no choice

I could dance like no human has ever dance before

The prince saw me dancing and wanted more

I had to get his love, couldn’t let him marry another

Otherwise my death will be forever

My dances were such a success

But his parents wanted him to marry the neighbor princess

The prince decided his heart belongs to the woman he was saved by

Nobody knew it was I!!!

My heart broke into pieces

I thought about all I had done for him, and how he misses

I was waiting for my death, no it can't be!

All of a sudden, my sisters rose out of the sea

"Kill the prince tonight,

Listen and you will be all right,

The witch gave us this knife for our long, beautiful hair

 She said it will save you, come back and be our sister".

While he was lying with his new wife

I really couldn't take his life

Just as dawn broke I took the knife and threw myself into sea

Waiting for no longer to be

But then instead of not existing any more

I felt lighter, like a spirit, not what I was ready for

As a daughter of the air

Now I am a part of the atmosphere

Selflessness saved me, it wasn't my goal

I was given a chance to earn my own soul

Good deeds to mankind for 300 years

Anyone need some help my dears?













The End

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